Meet Josh Burton


I’m a multimedia storyteller and digital producer(ASU Cronkite ’16) currently employed in the Phoenix area.

Multimedia and reporting are my longtime passions. In Spring 2016 I produced, filmed and edited “Arizona Revealed,” a web video/multimedia series about refugees for KPNX 12 News in Phoenix. Other recent film projects cover the decline of greyhound dog racing in Arizona in “Springing the Trap” and Phoenix’s vibrant but unknown refugee community in “Reframing Refugee”.

I’m drawn to injustices and the stories that aren’t mainstream, and I try to tell in a creative way that grabs your attention without de-evolving into clickbait or sacrificing credibility.

Specialties: Writing; Copyediting, “Digital-First” Hurdles, Social Media Marketing, Documentary Filmmaking; Cinematography; Post-Production; Cross-Cultural Reporting; Government; Transborder Topics; International Reporting.

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