All the Way | Bowling @ SOAZ

I stumbled on the Four Peaks Area Bowling Tournament while looking for a story to tell as part of Voices For the Voiceless, a collaborative project I’m working on.

I’ve known families with intellectually disabled children all my life, so I’m no stranger to Special Olympics, However, I hadn’t taken a deeper look into the amazing program we have here in Arizona.

The competition coordinators were more than kind and helped me capture the excitement and energy at the tournament. Even if you didn’t walk away with a medal, you were happy to bowl, surrounded by your family and friends.

Arizona Special Olympics and the health, employment and educational services they offer mean a lot to the families they support, but I’d also like to see that same appreciation mirrored in the community. A great way to show this appreciation is to simply get involved. If you have a heart, you can make a difference.

Think about it: An opportunity not taken is an opportunity lost.


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